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What is the “Salvage Party” ?

Foodstuffs such as vegetables that look too ripe,seasonings you would get from foreign countries,or processed foods you would buy too much…

The “Salvage Party” is a magical place where people can bring those foods and turn them into amazingly delicious meals. Participants are always surprised when they see leftovers, which they cannot handle and so are about to throw away, become quite tasty dishes.

People are so impressed by the way to make use of leftovers that they sometimes clap their hands! After the party, they start to think again about the food they leave in refrigerators. If you start to try to come up with ways to utilize those ingredients without wasting them, you are a professional of “Food-Salvage”.

The more parties you join, the more recipes you can learn, and the less food you would waste, all mean you improve your own and your family’s lifestyle, and even contribute to our society. This is a new way of consuming food products.